Ranveer Singh on life post marriage to Deepika Padukone: Main bandh gaya hu grihasti mein

Image Source - Instagram

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are hands-down the best and the cutest couple we have in B-town. Their jodi is a match made in heaven and we all adore them. Ever since DeepVeer have got married, they have only given us couple goals. And just like a true blue lover, Ranveer can’t stop going gaga over his drop-dead gorgeous wife.

The ‘Gully Boy’ actor was recently at an event where he was asked about the ‘pratibandh’ (restrictions) imposed on him by wife Deepika. Now, Ranveer being Ranveer gave such a lovely answer that it will make you like him even more. “Itne pyaare pratibandh hai unke.. Mai bandh gaya hu grihasti mei. Mai toh matlab time se uthna, time pe khana khana, time pe kaam pe pahuchna, time pe ghar jaana, time pe sona.. Wow, kya sudhar gaya hai ladka. Kya sudhar gaya hai.” (She has imposed such lovely restrictions. I am immersed in my married life now. I wake up, eat, sleep and go to work on time. I have become a better person now.)

Mai kehta hu tu sudhar mujhe, tu sudhar. Laga tu pratibandh pe pratibandh. (I ask her to impose more such restrictions on me),” he added further.

You can check out his answer in the following clip:

That is really a great thing to hear because generally post marriage, we have only heard people cribbing about their life. But one look at Ranveer shows us how married life is not that boring if you marry the right person. Don’t you guys agree?

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