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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has turned into a huge mystery as every day new shocking details of his case are surfacing. Sushant’s father KK Singh has filed an FIR against his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for abetment of suicide. The late actor’s family has accused Rhea of cheating and mentally harassing their son.

While Rhea has refuted all the allegations and even shared a video statement in which she can be seen breaking down and saying that truth will prevail. Now slamming Rhea for this viral video is none other than Sushant’s close friend Krissann Barretto and her ‘Jalebi’ co-star Kajol Tyagi. Read on to know what they have said.


A few days ago, Rhea had released a video statement claiming her innocence and having full faith in the judiciary system. You can watch her viral video below:

Now commenting on this video was none other than Sushant’s close friend and TV actress, Krissann Barretto. She slammed Rhea as she wrote, “After he(Sushant) started dating this female he was not allowed to be in touch with any of us !! All of his friends !! His numbers were changed and we all know that! We all tried reaching him but we could not! The statement from his dad says she didn’t even let him talk to his family! @rhea_chakraborty yes the truth will be out we will make sure! Satyamev jayate back at you!”

Interestingly, Rhea’s ‘Jalebi’ co-star Kajol Tyagi also agreed with Krissann’s claims. Replying to Krissann’s comment, Kajol wrote, “I’m insanely proud of you for commenting I was part of jalebi before it went for the reshoot and shot with her for a couple of weeks and I remember Rhea oozing negativity. Literally. I mean in this video also keeping hands folded so that body language experts have a harder time? Well, it’s evident she’s faking grief.” 

We wonder what Rhea has to say about these allegations.

Apart from the FIR by KK Singh, Directorate of Enforcement registered a Prevention of Money Laundering Act case in connection with Sushant’s suicide case.

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