Rhea Chakraborty: Sushant Singh Rajput’s relationship with his father was not good as he left his mother at a young age

Image Source - Instagram

Rhea Chakraborty in her explosive interview with Aaj Tak made many shocking revelations. One is Sushant’s relationship with his father KK Singh was not so good as he left his mother. She said, “His father left his mother at a young age, and as a kid that bothered him. Before I met him, Sushant hadn’t spoken to his father for 5 years.”

She also said that Sushant was very close to his mother and he was sad that she was no more. His mother also passed away due to depression. Talking more about her relationship with Sushant’s family, she said that her relationship was not good and won’t be.

When asked if she had tried to fix things, to which Rhea said, “I did. I met Meetuji in Water Stone, and that’s when I realised that he had a sister in Mumbai too. I had no idea before that. She left him there, despite knowing he wasn’t well. When she came to Mumbai, they were spotted in a cafe together, but if things were not well, why did they not escalate it? I wanted him to get back together with his family, but every time they came together, they would separate again. Meetu and I were on a 6-day retreat, why would she go with me, if she hated me so much?”

Talking about the money laundering allegations, she said, “The only transaction was where I sent Rs 35000 to him, that is because he had once paid for my hair and make-up, and I felt, no, I will return the money to him.”

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