richa chadha kerala floods
Image Source - Instagram and Rediff

When it comes to helping the people in need, Bollywood celebrities make sure they contribute in their own way. After Kerala was affected by floods, a number of Bollywood celebrities made their contribution either financially or by going there, being present at ground level and among those celebrities is Richa Chadha who is doing her bit to help the kids and animals affected by the floods there.


Richa, who has been busy shooting for her upcoming biopic on ‘Shakeela’ directed by Indrajit Lankesh, has always been vocal with her support, no matter what the cause. Her costar, Rajeev Pillai, who is from Kerala and who cancelled his wedding to help people affected by the floods, was helping on ground and needed as much support as possible. The actress immediately raised funds to help her costar rebuilding his native village. Apart from that she also donated monetary funds to various relief funds across the state.

Richa, who is vocal when it comes to animal welfare, not only preach but also practices it wholeheartedly. During the Kerala floods, she knew she needed to speak about the need for the desire operations of the animals who were stranded with nowhere to go in these catastrophic floods. The NGO, ResQ who Richa has been associated with for over a year, deployed a team of volunteers to Kerala. Using her large social media fan base and voice, she took to the masses by posting videos for the help of those animal who need attention and how people can help regarding the same.

As the floods are subsiding now and people are beginning to rebuild their lives, Richa heard about the youth who have lost everything in the floods and whose family might not be able to send them back to school. With the help of her actor from her upcoming film, Rajeev Pillai, the two are identifying kids who need financial help for education. With Rajeev’s help, the actress who has always stressed on the importance of an education, immediately have decided to pay for 5 young kids’ education until class 10.

Speaking about it, Richa said, “It’s a human responsibility to come together during adverse times and everyone should do their best in their capacity to show compassion for those suffering. In times of calamities, it’s a collaborative efforts of all who are willing to help. You could be anywhere but can always make a difference but doing the best you can and I pledged to support the post floods rescue help by doing my bit.”

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