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Richa Chadha thinks ‘cleansing’ of Bollywood is not going to happen soon

Not more than two months ago, allegations against American film producer Harvey Weinstein shook Hollywood. But it also resulted in a series of revelations and people were surprised for bad to know how many influential names from the industry were abusing their stratum and involving in sexual abuse.

It soon became the talk of B-town too. In almost ever interview, celebrities opened up on the same. Many even confessed to have been victims of such abuse themselves. Latest is Richa Chadha, who believes there’s yet time before the disguised culprits of Bollywood are unmasked. (Also Read: Richa Chadha: If not me, Rani Mukerji could have been Bholi Punjaban)

“I don’t see that happening immediately given the culture of naming and shaming in our country. But when it happens, as it is happening in Hollywood right now, the entire power structure will change. People, who you see making feminist films and claiming to be progressive etc, they will all come tumbling down,” Richa told Hindustan Times during an interview.

“We will lose a lot of heroes and several people will lose their lives’ work, their legacies. I think that’s what people will attack — they can’t attack them monetarily so they will go after the legacies. And it will happen, I would think in the next four-five years,” she adds.

Why is it easier in Hollywood? She is probably right in pointing out that in Hollywood, actors have their share of royalty in films; and hence, losing out on livelihood for being truthful wouldn’t happen.

How long before Bollywood walks the right way too?

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