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After Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor now meets Anupam Kher in USA

Image Source - Instagram

Ranbir Kapoor is having a gala time in the US. The superstar, who has been winning awards at all award shows for his stellar portrayal as Sanjay Dutt in his biopic ‘Sanju’, met his dad Rishi Kapoor first. He spent some time with the ailing Rishi and the pictures of their meeting were shared by the very gorgeous Neetu Singh Kapoor. Now, Ranbir has gone ahead to meet another B-Townie who’s currently in the US – Anupam Kher.

Ranbir can be seen hugging Anupam tightly and their warm camaraderie shows off brilliantly. It will make you want to see the two of them together in a film soon. Check out the picture right here:

Anupam had met Rishi quite a number of times since he has been in the US for his medical treatment. The two superstars were seen walking on streets of New York and having a gala time. The two have done quite a number of films together and their friendship has only grown stronger over the years.

Talking of Ranbir, he has been spending some quality time with his ailing father. Whenever he is free, he makes sure he flies off to the US to be by the side of Rishi and Neetu. Their family photos are really heartwarming and makes one want to see them back together in India soon.

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