EXCLUSIVE: Jr NTR gets emotional about Sridevi’s death: Stopped having favourites after her

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Jr NTR is a huge fan of Sridevi just like the rest of the nation and in a recent conversation with us, he got emotional about her death. Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018, leaving a huge void in the industry as she was truly a legendary actress. We sat down for a candid chat with team RRR when we asked SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Jr NTR about their favourite actors from the Hindi film industry. Jr NTR revealed he stopped having favourites after Sridevi passed away.

Jr NTR told Bollywood Bubble, “My favourites have stopped with Sridevi. So I don’t have favourites, for me it was her. That’s all! Everybody is super talented, it’s what each person has delivered in each film and in that whole.”


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SS Rajamouli said, “For me, it is the story and the characters that drive me to the heroes. I love every one of them and I want to work with all of them, but when I approach them, I should have something concrete in my hand, a script. Not my Baahubali card or RRR card. So that relationship will be healthy. If I have a script on my hand I will approach anyone, I have no ego issues. But I won’t go, ok this actor has a fantastic box office, let’s cast him for this role, I dont come from that direction.”

Ram Charan said just like Jr NTR he has no favourites which will have an influence his film choices, “It’s the same for me, if I like somebody I will go watch their movie. But I will definitely not tell the producer or the director saying cast them and let’s make a film together. For me it depends on my director whoever he casts, anybody, obviously I am going to do my part. If I like somebody whoever is my favourite I will go watch their film. For a number of years, I have been asked the same question, but I dont have any favourites, this movie I like Alia, another movie I liked Shraddha, Deepika Padukone. “

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