Saif Ali Khan–Kareena Kapoor

Yes. The Prepration  for one of the biggest weddings of b-town is started and groom’s mother  Sharmila Tagore apparently was overheard telling someone that the wedding venue may move across continents to London. Our source says, “The reason could be that the family wants to avoid media frenzy that happens around most celebrity weddings in the country.” A source close to the family adds, “The entire Pataudi family will be going to Bhopal next week and that is when the exact venue and date will be decided.”


According to our sources, another reason why the Pataudis would want the wedding to take place in London is because Saif wants a very quiet wedding. Another source says, “Saif cannot decide who to invite and who to leave out from the guest list. So, he wants to head to London.”

Hum toh yehi Kahenge Boss “ Badhai ho Badhai ho “ Wink