Salman Khan: I am amazed why people are concerned about my marriage

One question that tops the list in the frequently asked question to Salman Khan has to be, When is Salman Khan getting married? The actor on many occasions for years now have answered, dodged, ignored and laughed at this question. In the latest interview to New 18, Salman Khan was asked about his impending marriage and does the actor think of getting married anytime? Salman in his antic best replied, “Wo mere paas iska koi jawab nahi hai,mujhe iss baat se bahut khushi hoti hai ki bahut sare logo ko meri shaadi ki chinta hai, pareshani hai, lekin mujhe hairat yeh hoti hai ke meri shaadi se inka kya faayda hoga. Kuch nahi. Toh aisa koi jawab hai hi nahi, haan ka bhi nahi, naa ka bhi nahi, maybe ka bhi nahi, lekin jis waqt hogi, hogi, nahi hogi toh nahi hogi. Main Sir, bahut khush hoon, main bahut zyaada khush hoon, Serious. (I don’t have an answer to this question. I am happy about the fact that people are concerned about my wedding, but it makes me wonder what good will it to do to people who are so concerned about my marriage. Nothing. I don’t have an answer, neither yes, no or maybe. If it happens good, it happens. If it doesn’t good, then it doesn’t. I am very happy, very very happy. Seriously)!

Further, Salman jokingly asked the interviewer, are you married to which he replied yes I am and I am very happy. Salman replied in a jiffy, “Mian aapse bohot zyada kush hun, aapko toh yeh bolna padta hai” (I am happier than you are and you have to forcefully say it)

Source: India Today

Salman Khan has been known for his string of affairs with many leading ladies but the currently according to the reports and the buzz, Khan is dating Romanian TV host Iulia Vantur. Vantur has been staying here in Mumbai with Salman for over 2 years now. Iulia has also been spotted with Salman and his family on all the family functions, birthdays and outings too. We hope we get the answer to this never-ending question soon. (Alos Read: Salman Khan on Padmavati row: I believe Censor Board should take the decision)