Salman Khan-Karan Johar

Ace filmmaker Mr.Karan Johar recently said that he gets nervous after meeting to one and only Dabangg Khan – Salman Khan.

When asked filmmaker who is the one actor in front of whom he cannot gather courage to open his mouth, Johar said: “Salman Khan! When he came on my show Lift Kara De, I was sitting in my black suit. He was very animated, it was a very serious show. Salman said, ‘I am not going to sit here, I want to sit on the floor and you will also have to sit on the floor?.


“I am very scared of Salman for some reason, I don?t know why, though he has been very wonderful to me, he is close to my family from a very long time, but I get nervous in front of him.”

Johar worked with Salman in his 1998 directorial debut Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The movie also featured Shah Rukh Khan.

Karan Johar is fond of both Salman and Shahrukh.