Aamir Khan with Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s  nerve problem for which he has been undergoing treatment for quite some time, is a major concern not only for his family but also someone from the industry, who is sharing the same concern over his health as Sallu’s  Khan-  daan.



Well it is none other than Aamir Khan a good friend of Salman.We know about the relation Bhai shares with the Perfectionist Khan.Also about how Aamir is always vocal about getting Salman married and settled.

According to sources,Recently, the two buddies were shooting in the same vicinity and Aamir paid a visit to his friend.On meeting Salman, Aamir found him to be unfit. Since Salman is just about recovering from his illness, Aamir was concerned about his health and shared quite a few fitness tips to get Bhai back on track.

Well we just hope that Aamir’s fitness tips help’s the Dabangg Khan to regain his old Physique!