Salman Khan hot

Salman Khan Dressed in a white V-neck tee, denim jacket, dark blue denim jeans and orange (yes, orange!) sunglasses is back to work, shooting for his brother Sohail Khan’s upcoming production ‘Mental’, in the hill city of Lavasa. Sohails film was stalled for 12 days due to the fracas involving the walkout of Southern fighters hired for a crucial fight scenes which led to a loss of several crores.Now, however, things seem to have quietened down, with the unit resuming shooting in Lavasa.


As per sources,Salman Khan Was seen exiting his trailor and heading for the location to shoot for a song sequence in the the scorching sun, but hard working Salman Khan was hardly one to complain.
Well looks like another of the Dabangg Khans film likely to become a super hit .