salman khan rides being human cycle

He walks as if he owns the world. This time was no exception. Salman Khan, who recently launched range of e-cycles brought by his charitable organisation Being Human, recently went out on a joyride on the streets of Mumbai. As he rode past pedestrians and cars, all we could hear were his fans (of course with a big grin on their faces) cheering loudly.

The superstar was visibly in a chirpy mood, for he frequently waved and smiled at his fans. Watch the video below!


For those uninitiated, Salman had launched the e-cycles on the ocassion of World Environment Day and called it a personal effort to give back to mother earth.

He also said it was time to give something back to the fans who have kept showering him with unconditional love and encouragement all these years.

As reported earlier, the e-cycles move within a price bracket of Rs 40000 to Rs 57000. A great way to do our bit for nature, isn’t it?