Salman Khan’s die hard teenage fan runs away from home and climbs wall to meet him

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When it comes to superstar Salman Khan, his die hard fans can surely go to any lengths to meet their idol. Ahead of the verdict on the blackbuck poaching case in Jodhpur court, here in Mumbai a teenage fan girl was prevented to meet her idol as she tried to scale the walls of Galaxy Apartments to reach the first floor. Let’s break this to you.

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This teenage fan is from a village in Madhya Pradesh. The incident happened on Tuesday when the girl landed at Bandra Terminus from an outstation train and proceeded straight to his (Salman Khan) residence. She first made an attempt to directly enter through the main gate, but security personnel prevented it saying that the actor was not at home. But, she didn’t go away and quietly tried to scale the wall of the building to reach the first floor Apartment complex of the Khans. However, security guards caught her and later informed the Bandra police station. (Also Read: Salman Khan is considered to be in the same category as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. Details here!)

A team from Bandra police station rushed there and took her in, eventually questioning her at the police station. The Senior Police Inspector Pandit Thakre later said that from her Aadhaar Card, they got to learn that she was from Berasia, near Bhopal, and had fled her home on Sunday, hoping to meet her favourite star Salman.

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The police has immediately informed her family who are reaching Mumbai to take her back home. Till they arrive, the girl has been kept under the care of the Dongri Juvenile Home.

The official spokesperson of Mumbai police, Deepak Deoraj has said that after the incident, there has been no complaints in the matter from the Khan family, and neither has the police increased security around their residence.

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