Sameera Reddy
Image Source - Instagram

Actress and a mother of two children, Sameera Reddy never shies away from speaking her heart out. She has always encouraged new mothers to not hate their body-fat after giving birth and embrace it the way they are. Sameera is very active on social media and she can be seen posting videos with her grey hair, swollen eyes, and a makeup-free skin.

We spoke to Sameera and asked how being a star or an actress she comes with such impromptu and no filter videos. To which, she said, “I have been doing this since last one year because I have a campaign called #ImperfectlyPerfect and every week I talk or post to encourage women to embrace their body. I talk about mothers feeling low about leaving their careers or mothers who have careers and feeling low about leaving their children. There are all different sides to every coin and I think there is too much pressure in our society to behave or look a certain way. Even when it comes to women’s age, I think people can be very unforgiving and extremely mean.”


Sameera added that she is not scared of trolls at all. She said, “In fact, I believe that you need to forgive the trolls because maybe they haven’t grown up enough. That is their problem, not mine.”

When we asked Sameera that if body-shaming or shaming happens only with women and not men, the actress said, “Men are shamed for sure but not as much as women. If men age, get wrinkles or white hair, we say, ‘Oh, they are so sexy but when women get it, people say, ‘Do something, buddhi ban gayi’. It’s very unfair and mean. You can age gracefully and look beautiful. What’s the big deal?”

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