Sanjay Dutt who is at present at Yerawada jail serving his sentence, will soon be out on parole. The star who is serving a 42 month sentence will be able to get some respite and spend time with his family. The reason cited for his parole is his health problem.


As per sources, Dutt is suffering from severe pain due to blood clots in his legs. Along with it he also has high blood pressure so wants to take the doctors advice. Sanju has applied for 14 day leave to avail of medical treatment, as he has completed two years (as an under trial inmate and as a convict since May this year) in prison and is eligible to apply for parole.

But his family and friends are fearful that this might hurt his case, “If he is seen partying or socializing at a night club or even a friend’s house and if there are reports of him drinking etc, it will do him a lot of harm.”

Well he is a grown man and ultimately it is his decision and the courts to grant him parole.