Salman Khan with Sanjay Dutt

Superstar Salman Khan had a blast celebrating his birthday at his farm house in Panvel with friends and family but the good actor had a surprise when one of his closest friend actor Sanjay Dutt visited him at his farm to wish him personally on his birthday. The two of them share a very close friendship .  Sallu had even visited Sanju a night before the actor was to go to prison and now as Sanju is out on Parole he decided to do the same for his friend whom he considers his younger brother.


As per sources,  Sanjay apparently reached the farmhouse at around noon and the actor spent a good few hours at the farmhouse where Salman’s family was also present. “Sanjay left the farmhouse around 4.30 pm. Though his car was spotted there all the time, the paparazzi couldn’t get a picture of Dutt as he was already inside the farmhouse when the photographers reached. Salman also went to see off Sanjay Dutt on his bike till the main road of the farmhouse. In fact, Sanju baba was in his car while Salman escorted him on his bike.”

This friendship does not bother about the ups and downs they are always there for each other in good or bad times.