Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan Aamir Khan

The assumed rivalry between Bollywood’s biggest Khans has long been a subject of debate. A-listers try their best to not show the conflicts and put a conscious effort to maintain a cordial equation at least in public. But then, not that it all stays secret!

In the past, we’ve heard how things went haywire between Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. Reportedly, all were not okay between SRK and Aamir either. With time, however, they’ve united in terms of friendships and lent professional support to each other as well. But if you discuss three biggest superstars of Bollywood, you can’t help but wonder how these three perceive each other. Do their films make to their coffee table discussions? (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan injures his back and apologises for the delay in promoting ‘JHMS’)


No, says Shah Rukh Khan.

“If anyone saw us (contemporaries)- the most of us – sitting together, they would be surprised. I am not extremely friendly with some (actors)as we don’t know each other personally. But if Aamir, Salman and I specifically sat down and chatted, you would see a very different relationship,” he said while in a conversation with HT.

“So, for instance, Aamir can say, ‘yaar, tune abhi tak ‘Dangal’ (2016) dekhi nahi (you haven’t watched ‘Dangal’ till now).’ And I will tell him, ‘I will watch it when I am free.’ So, he will say, ‘You call me up; I will come over.’ In fact, I had called him the other day but he was leaving for a foreign country.

“We don’t talk work at all. In fact, we have never done it. So, our equations are on a very different level. ” I think all of us know that we share something common but that commonality is not films or stardom. That commonality is something else, which we also don’t know. So it’s very difficult [for us] to assume that [other] people will know about it and so, we will compete about that commonality. I don’t think so,’ he adds.

Okay then!