Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar

What happens when the God of Cricket and the Superstar of Indian Cinema come together to entertain the audience? A spectacular vision for the audience.


Something similar happened when the Global Citizen India Festival 2016 saw Shah Rukh Khan introducing everyone. Shah Rukh soon introduced Sachin Tendulkar and the two engaged in a super adorable banter on stage. While Sachin spoke about his school trip visit with Coldplay, he mentioned how they had visited a school and played a game of cricket. When SRK asked him if he taught Chris cricket, Sachin said, “No, in fact he taught me how to play the guitar.” To which Shah Rukh said, “Great, next time I am having a concert, you will play the guitar for me.”

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Sachin however had the best reply to SRK. He said, “Okay, but only if you open the innings with me when I play cricket.”

These two, really!

The duo then invited Coldplay on stage, who then started with their gig for the evening.