Shahid Kapoor, Kabir Singh
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Deepika Padukone revealed last month that Ranveer Singh takes really long showers. It seems like Ranveer isn’t the only one. His ‘Padmaavat’ co-star Shahid Kapoor too admitted to taking 2-hour long showers. However, Shahid has a really well-justified reason for the same. Any guesses what it could be?


It’s a known fact that Shahid is a vegetarian and a teetotaler. Never does he smoke or drink in real life. However, being an actor, you end up taking different kinds of roles. With ‘Kabir Singh’, the same happened to Shahid. He had to break his non-smoking and non-drinking habits and light up almost 20 cigarettes a day. The film is a remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’, and the character required him to smoke cigarettes and beedis and pretend to snort cocaine for some part of the movie. So to remove all that smell from himself, Shahid had to resort to 2-hour long showers.

I don’t endorse smoking at all. However, the role required it, as the protagonist uses it to channel his angst and rage. It wasn’t easy, and it came to a point where I smoked almost 20 cigarettes a day. It would take me close to two hours to shower and get rid of the smells before I could return home to my children,” said Shahid.

It’s so nice to see Shahid put in that extra effort so that he doesn’t influence his two-year-old Misha and seven-month-old Zain in a negative way.

Talking of the film, Shahid shot most of it in Mumbai and Mussoorie. He will be reportedly showcasing 4 different looks in the film. One of the looks as a college student even required Shahid to shed 14 kgs of weight.

The plot of the film follows Shahid as the central character, who spirals into self-destruction after his girlfriend, who is portrayed in the film by Kiara Advani, gets hitched to someone else. Directed by Sandeep Vanga, ‘Kabir Singh’ hits theatres on June 21.

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