Shahid Kapoor in black

Shahid Kapoor has done some hardcore action scenes for Prabhudevas Rambo Rajkumar,but on Saturday as the actor was shooting at Kamalistan Studio managed to escape  serious injury.


As per sources,”Shahid was shooting at Kamalistan Studios in the city on Saturday for a scene that required him to enter a house on fire. He finished his shot successfully and was stepping out of the burning house when some excess chemical solution (that is used to create the fire) dripped on to his back and arms,” says the source, adding, “Since the solution was really hot, it bore holes in Shahid’s T-shirt. He obviously reacted immediately and threw off his shirt, reducing the damage caused.”Shahid did suffer some minor burns on his back and arms.

Shahid Kapoor was unavailable but the story was confirmed by his spokesperson.