Shahrukh Khan is handsome

Film Stars are famous for their Quirks and superstar Shahrukh Khan is no exception.The actor is a firm believer in numerology and the power of numbers.Apparently SRK always had a fascination for 555 but 40 is a recent addition to his list of favourites. So he insists that all things around him that have a number attached should have a combination of 555 and 40.


As per sources,Shahrukh  has been getting increasingly finicky about the numbers’ game and doesn’t like to be associated with the number three or its multiples.his mobile number,car number,personal E-Mail too have a combination of these numbers,”Shah Rukh is not only in touch with a reputed numerologist but also burns the midnight oil studying the science”.

Well we would surely like to know as to ,who is Shahrukh Khan’s numerologist?