Shakeela to make a cameo appearance in her own biopic

Biopics are trending in Bollywood these days. There are so many upcoming films on real-life personalities. This trend is receiving a great response from the audiences. People are nowadays more fond of knowing real life stories in a reel format. As many are already in queue, Indrajit Lankesh is one such filmmaker who has hopped on the bandwagon and is all set to present a biopic on Shakeela Khan, south film industry’s biggest adult star.

Shakeela had the knack of pulling crowds to cinema halls week after week. Even big south superstars were puzzled about whether they should release their films in competition with a Shakeela film.

After a massive hunt for Shakeela’s role, Indrajit came to an apt conclusion of having Richa Chadha on board for the role. Before commencing the shooting, Richa met Shakeela in Bangalore, to understand her life in a better manner. Seeing the camaraderie between both the actors and also to honour Shakeela’s popularity, Indrajeet roped in the real Shakeela for a cameo in the film. This would be a visual treat for all Shakeela and Richa fans to see reel and real life Shakeela in one frame! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


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Speaking about it, director Indrajit Lankesh said, “I always wanted to make a film on Shakeela, I was immensely impressed with her onscreen and offscreen personality. I wanted to portray her story, the hardships and rough phase when she was not getting films and was trying for character roles. I wanted to show the true story behind the superstar Shakeela. She has been an integral part of the making of this film and she has given us such detailed insights into her life. Even Richa got to spend time with her, understand her style of talking, her body language and such nuances. In fact when she came on set, she gave us very interesting insights like about our art direction and how her house was and is in real life, such small details which have helped us. It was nice shooting her for Shakeela biopic, though I have shot with her before for my another film in 2003. That sparked an interest in me to make a film on her and in 2015, after conceiving the idea of making a film on her, I met her and realised my dream. I feel every woman and girl who wants to be an actress should see her story, to know what she went through to become an actress and how it was such a compelling rags to riches to rags story of her life.

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