Shekhar Suman bursts out about the pressures of the pandemic; says, “Every day I’m hearing that somebody committed suicide”

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Shekhar Suman has been one of the most prolific film personalities over the last 4 decades. He has been always vocal about current affairs and always managed to give a sarcastic and humorous twist to things and highlighted important issues in society. With the pandemic and the self-lockdown going on for over 7 months now, people are facing varied issues, and monetary issues being just one of the most prime ones.

Recently while talking to Bollywood Bubble, Shekhar Suman also highlighted the issues and also give his piece of mind about some young stars have taken the route of suicide during this lockdown. Have a look at the entire chat right here:

When asked about the negative side of this lockdown and pandemic, Shekhar Suman jumped in and said, “There is a sense of loneliness in people. People who don’t family with them, they’re stuck in the house all by themselves. How many movies will you watch, or rather how much of anything will you do? So loneliness and then there are people who’re being thrown out of jobs. How would people earn their bread and butter? Where would they go? So Covid-19 has put us all in a spot. And it’s quite a spot.

Moving on, he also said, “Every day I’m hearing that somebody committed suicide because of lack of security and finances and they’ve taken an extreme step. So that’s dangerous. So now one has to be very very patient. As it’s not something withing our cognizance. So we have to be patient and understand that what cannot be cured must be endured.

Shekhar Suman concludes by saying that things will be soon back to normal and requested people not to worry.

We must say, very well put in perspective. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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