Sofia Hayat and Salman Khan

Whenever it is ‘Bigg Boss’ season, the host and dost of this show, Salman Khan is bound to get embroiled in controversies. Even this time, Salman is in the discussion because of his temper. He frequently loses his calm and then we have a controversy that follows. Well, ex-contestant of this show, Sofia Hayat has an opinion to make on Salman’s behaviour.


When Sofia was in the Bigg Boss house, she apparently faced physical abuse when she had a fight with Armaan Kohli. So while talking to a leading entertainment portal, Sofia claimed that Salman did not help her at all and rather took Armaan’s side. Slamming Salman for this she said, “Bigg Boss always shows us at some level what is going wrong in society. For example, my story highlighted the abuse of women by men in India and how nothing is ever done about it, no matter how hard women fight for justice. Armaan was employed by Salman Khan himself in the end cementing the idea that women abusers stick together. Salman had an opportunity to show the public that abusing women is wrong. He chose not to because he himself has abused women. So, what is Bigg Boss showing this time with Swami ji. Is it real or has it been edited for entertainment?”

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She further added, “Yes, Salman did not support me and that’s obvious. He employed Armaan in a film later. Salman just plays to controversy. I don’t think he likes women unless they lick his a**. And I don’t have a brown tongue.”

Now, we don’t know how Salman Khan will react to this. Some harsh words, indeed!

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