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In an interview with The Filmy Charcha, Mukesh Khanna made a shocking statement that #MeToo became a ‘problem’ after women started working. He said, “Aurat ki rachna alag hoti hai and mard ki alag hoti hai. Aurat ka kaam hai ghar sambhalna, jo maaf karna mein kabhi kabhi bol bhi jata hu. Problem kaha se shuru hue hai #MeToo Ki jabh aurato nein bhi kaam karna shuru kar liya. Aj aurat mard ke saath kandhey se kandha milani ke baat karti hai.”

His remark created a huge uproar on social media and the actor was brutally slammed. TV actress Divyanka Tripathi expressed her anger on his remark. She took to her Twitter handle to share the viral video and wrote, “How regressive & outdated is that! It’s cringeworthy when people at respectable positions make such remarks. Misogyny may be a result of a traumatic memory or past. That’s the only benefit of doubt I can think of.
With due respect – I condemn this statement of Mukesh ji!”.


Sona Mohapatra also called out Mukesh Khanna as she tweeted, “yea, cus men never ever molested or assaulted women & children inside homes according to this fellow who is best ignored. Tacky mandhbudhi.The sad truth is there are enough & more such regressive mindsets around us everywhere? We soldier on. Change is slow but is coming.”

After getting criticism from the public, Mukesh Khanna shared the video from his interview and defended his remark. Sharing the video clip, he wrote, “I am not against Women Working. As I said let me show you my full interview taken by someone from which this ‘Vivadit Bayan’ has been taken to malign me that I mean This which I don’t mean. I was just commenting on how Me too can happen. You can see yourself in this interview how I respect women.”

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