Sona Mohapatra lashes out at Sonu Nigam for suppressing video with incriminating evidence of a #MeToo case

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Singer Sona Mohapatra slammed Sonu nigam for his recent viral video where he openly threatened to expose Bhushan Kumar’s video with Marina Kuwar. Sona even lashed out at Sonu for defending another #MeToo accused Anu Malik in the past.

Sona shared a series of tweets on how the Indian music industry is an extension of the film industry. She is expressed her anger over Sonu Nigam’s claim of being in possession and yet suppressing a video with incriminating evidence in #MeToo case. She was clearly hinting at Marina Kuwar’s sexual harassment allegations on Bhushan Kumar.

Pointing at Sonu, Sona took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “Did anyone care that #SonuNigam publicly defended a multiple accused @IndiaMeToopredator, Anu Malik, & now claims to being in the possession & yet suppressing a video with incriminating evidence of another case? Do we really want the industry to get better? #LetsTalk #India.”

She further wrote, “The Indian music industry has always been a subset, an extension of the film industry & hence places too much emphasis on film music & mirrors the systemic problems of the film industry too. This has created a chronic lack of variety, quality & cultural influence in the recent past.”

It was followed by, “Strangling any chance that real upcoming talent has considering a handful call the shots with bullies leading the pack. Almost everyone in the Entertainment industry, no matter how rich or successful seems to have a ‘struggler’ mindset, they refuse to feel secure..”

She further questioned why Sonu despite being a veteran never helped any upcoming talent. “This has led to a myopic, short term view of the overall future of growing the industry because that can only happen by nurturing genuine talent of many hues & investing in the stars of tomorrow. Veterans like Sonu could help by being helpful to other upcoming talent too. (4), ” Sona tweeted.

Commenting on the gender disparity in the music industry, Sona wrote, “The gatekeepers,tastemakers of the industry would only benefit by adopting more inclusive practices that welcome diversity. The gender disparity itself is telling, there are no more than 8 odd songs in female voices for every 100 released in the mainstream. (5)”

While several musicians came out in support of Sonu’s claims about the music industry’s ‘mafias’ but looks like he has a lot to answer if he comes across Sona’s tweets.

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