Earlier Sonakshi denied of doing the Kiss scene for a movie, but recently she had to share a lip-lock with Imran Khan in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Part 2.

Sources Revealed that “ Earlier there was going to be steamy scene but now the the intimate scene might be toned down and reduced to a smooch. “Milan had few rounds of discussions with the actors. Although, Imran was game, Sonakshi needed some convincing,” the source added.


Though Imran has done some risque scenes in the past, Sonakshi always had had her reservations. However, the scene was an integral part of the script that she has decided to make an exception. While Sonakshi refrained from commenting, Imran’s spokesperson said, “Imran Khan understands the requirements of a script and will not shy away from a kiss if the script demands so.”

We Wish Milan and Team Best of Luck For Once Upon A Time in Mumbai 2 !