Sonakshi Sinha’s Jhumur dance in “Bullet Raja”

Sonakshi Sinha is back to woo the audience with her simplicity once again in ‘Bullet Raja’.  In which she plays the traditional Bong Beauty, wearing that traditional white and red bordered saree.`A big red Bindi on her forehead and that essential gajra in her hair with alta lining her feet and palms.

As per sources, she will be seen performing a Bengali folk dance called ‘Jhumur dance’. Sonakshi said, “In Bullett Raja, I am playing a contemporary Bengali girl. I loved my look of the Bengali avatar. It gave me a very traditional feel. I wish the sequence we shot in that costume was a little longer, because I did not want to get out of it.” And about the traditional dance, she added “I absolutely loved donning this look, there is a certain grace to it. Once I was in it everyone was shocked at how Bengali I looked.”

Well this is the second time that Sona will be playing a Bengali girl.