Sonali Bendre on why she had to reveal about her cancer to son Ranveer

Image Source - Instagram

Sonali Bendre attended the India Today Conclave 2019 where she spoke about her cancer battle and how she overcame it. The news of her cancer was announced by the actress in July last year on social media. She has always shared the progress of her treatment among her fans and well-wishers through social media. Sonali inspired cancer patients with her inspirational posts.

In the Conclave, Sonali said, “I wanted to be charge of my narrative from the start. When you are a public figure, there are so many narratives that it out there. And suddenly you lose hold of that narrative very quickly. It becomes a different thing all togetherAs I went through the process, I realised that there are so many others that would be going to through it. I wouldn’t be honest that if I said, ‘Everything was sunshine’. It was not, it was painful and you do have to go through it.”

Sonali also said why it was so important to reveal about her cancer to her son Ranveer. She said, “Ranveer was on a school trip and I could have sent him back home but I needed to see him. I need to be able to talk to him. That’s the way we have brought him up and we have always been very honest with him. The only thing that we were hoping was that by not lying to him, one day he will not be lying to us. That he will be honest with us and that was the example we were trying to set.”

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