Sonam Kapoor

Holi is one of the most beloved festivals of the country and not just the common people, but even celebrities are seen celebrating the festival of colours with utmost enthusiasm.

While many Bollywood celebs play Holi by organising their own party, others attend it at their friend’s place. But there sure are exceptions and this time, the exception is Sonam Kapoor, who doesn’t believe in celebrating Holi. Present at a recent event, when Sonam was asked about her plans to celebrate the festival of colours, the actress seemed to be quite against the whole idea. (Also Read:Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and entire Kapoor Khandaan sizzle bright at cousin’s wedding)

The ‘Neerja’ actress said, “I’m not celebrating Holi this year, I don’t celebrate Holi too much! I used to celebrate it when I was a kid, that time it used to be safe but nowadays I feel unsafe to step out of my house.”


She further said “I don’t like people throwing balloons and permanent colours during Holi. It has become very unsafe now, I guess till we don’t follow a proper protocol and have a safe environment, I would not go for it. Earlier I used to go for all these Holi parties and used to love the rain dance. It has become unsafe now especially for girls. I used to love celebrating it but till the time the environment remains unsafe, thus I refuse to go!”