Sunil Grover’s ‘Coffee With D’ to feature eminent theatre personalities

By now, the number of Bollywood films based on real-life achievers has surpassed a few hundreds we believe. However, ‘Coffee With D’ directed by Vishal Mishra takes a witty take on a famous (and infamous too) journalist of Indian television who is much known for treating guests at his show with ridiculous aggression.

While the film features comedian Sunil Grover in lead role, the director has brought a number of eminent actors on board.

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The list includes renowned performers Pankaj Tripathi and Zakir Hussain; both of them known to have excelled at their own craft.

“I am very fortunate to have such senior and credible actors agree to work for my film. I have held great admiration for these actors and it has been such a learning experience to see these actors do what they are best at, that too for my very first film as a director,” Mishra said.

Tripathi reportedly plays one of the lieutenants of a popular underworld don, referred to as ‘D’ in the film’s title. Zakir Hussain plays the don himself! ‘Coffee with D’ also stars Dipannita Sharma and Anjana Sukhani in pivotal roles.

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