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Sushant Singh Rajput deletes all the photos he’s ever posted on Instagram

Image Source - Twitter, Instagram

In what seems like a shocking move, Sushant Singh Rajput has wiped clean his Instagram. Is it because his last film ‘Sonchiriya’ did not do well at the box office? Well, only Sushant will be able to tell us that.

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It really comes as a shock for his fans, as Sushant was quite active on the social media platform. He would reply to a lot of his fans too. His bio now reads, “NOT HERE RIGHT NOW.” Guess we’ll have to wait for Sushant to clarify on this.

Interestingly, Sushant is extremely good at giving interviews and always has an intelligent answer up his sleeve. In an interview with E Times,  he said, “My reason for becoming an actor was not just to achieve fame or money. Of course, I was aware of the importance of money since an early age, as we are a big family and my dad retired when I was in Class 3 or 4 grade. I knew money is a big differentiator in your life when it comes to making crucial decisions, but beyond that, it loses its relevance. If you give me money and fame, I will take it but that doesn’t drive me. That is not what keeps me awake at night. The excitement and passion about pulling off a certain role does. I won’t even say challenges motivate me as they imply that I have a point to prove and I don’t.

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