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Tanushree Dutta met with a road accident during a temple visit recently. She shared photos of her from her temple visit. Tanushree Dutta took to her Instagram to share the photos from her accident as she injured her leg. The actress mentioned she got into a ‘freak accident’ during her way to the temple. She revealed the accident took place due to the vehicle’s brake failure. Tanushree even shared photos of her bruised leg.

Sharing a string of photos of her from the holy visit on Instagram, Dutta wrote, “Today was an adventurous day!! But finally did make it to Mahakaal darshan..Freak accident on my way to temple…brake fail crash.. . Got away with just a few stitches…Jai Shree Mahakaal!” 


Take a look at the post below:

She mentioned it was an adventurous day when she was headed for Mahakaal darshan. The actress mentioned she got away with a few stitches.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Tanushree Dutta also explained the happenings of the accident as she shared photos of her. She wrote, “My faith is not blind. It sees & feels & knows stuff. My faith is the rope I have whenever life feels like quicksand…Its a shield too in times like this.. Like In the moment of my crawl..even in that dreadful moment when I didn’t know what is in future a still small voice in my heart spoke to me and said that I will be fine.”

The actress further added, “I prayed for no broken bones…so no broken bones…People on the 2nd floor heard the crash..but no broken bones..I choose to live by faith…whatever happens happens for my best. It’s OK.. I’m fine now..Tomorrow will be a better day.

tanushree, tanushree dutta photos, tanushree dutta accident,
Tanushree speaks about her accident
tanushree dutta movies, tanushree dutta photos, tanushree dutta accident,
Tanushree talks about her accident

Sharing another picture of her, Dutta wrote, “And I believe that nothing bad can ever happen on Sundays & Mondays…so if something happened it’s probably good for me in some unfathomable way…Something great is about to manifest. Maybe I’m supposed to receive something awesome & God is just removing the bad stuff first…I’m excited for tomorrow…#enthucutlet.

tanushree dutta, tanushree dutta photos, tanushree dutta accident,
Tanushree opens up about her accident

Later, Tanushree even joked about her wounds. She wrote, “The heavy fat layer in my leg didn’t let my bones break disc to impact. My diet change last few months…Fat ke hhi kuch fayde hai…cute lagne ke alawa.

Meanwhile, the actress received a lot of love and ‘get well soon’ wishes from her fans on social media. “Omg plz take care of your health baba mahakal blessing,” wrote one fan, while another said, “Get well soon.”

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