Tanushree Dutta Salman Khan Bigg Boss
Image Source - Voodoo Video Centre/DNA India

After her return from the US to India, former Miss India Universe and actress, Tanushree Dutt has created a whirlwind in the entire industry. She opened up a story from 2008 which tore her apart and made her leave the glamour industry. The sexual harassment meted out to her by Nana Patekar was something Tanushree couldn’t ignore.


In an interview with Republic TV, Tanushree slammed all the reports who were making fun of her and calling it a publicity stunt. She said, “This is a way to discredit me that I am doing this for ‘Bigg Boss’. What, you think is a great aspiration? I don’t think that. You think Salman Khan is god and ‘Bigg Boss’ is heaven, I don’t think that.”

Tanushree even said that she was offered ‘Bigg Boss’ many times but she turned down the offer. “Bigg Boss offered me crores over all these years and I have been saying no. I am claustrophobic anyway, I need to move around,” added Tanushree.


Salman Khan was recently asked to comment on the Tanushree-Nana controversy, to which he said he was not aware of it. He said, “Let me know and understand what is happening. I have been here and I am sure that the legal team will handle that. We will see what is going on. I am not aware of it.” 

Yesterday, Nana arrived in Mumbai and was hounded by the media asking him questions on the controversy. He dodged all the questions and called it a ‘lie’. He will hold a press conference on Monday (October 8) along with Ganesh Acharya. Meanwhile, Tanushree has lodged a complaint yesterday against Nana and Ganesh Acharya.

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