EXCLUSIVE: Violence is not a part of love, says ‘Thappad’ actress Taapsee Pannu

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She has been riding against the tide and Taapsee Pannu who doesn’t believe in following the norms has emerged as a trendsetter in the industry. After picking some stimulating scripts in the past, now she will be seen in ‘Thappad’ which is being touted as a reply to films like ‘Kabir Singh‘.

The actress clarifies, “The film is not entirely about that, there was a moment in that film, which made kind of domestic violence or physical abuse by a man on a woman okay, normal and a part of love and intensity. Our film opposes that. To oppose the entire film will be a too heavy statement to make. In ‘Thappad’ we don’t feel it is okay.”

“Violence is not a part of love. Love is only love until it is backed by respect. If there is no respect in a relationship there is no love. We don’t believe and trust without respect,” she added.

Further Taapsee reveals ‘Thappad’ is not just about domestic violence it is beyond that. “The film is not just about domestic violence. That is one trigger. There is one dialogue in the trailer which says ‘I can see all the unfair things’..so Thappad is a trigger and suddenly you see those things that were taken for granted in a relationship. In our film, who will decide one slap is enough or ten to realise enough is enough. Respect is as important as love,” said the ‘Judwaa’ actress.

Taapsee wants to see the awkward silence of the people after watching the film. She shares, “The change is needed but whether it happens or not that’s another story. We are trying to bring the elephant in the room out, let’s see how many discussions happen on this after watching the film or how many awkward minutes of silence will be there let’s see. It is important we talk about it (domestic violence) that’s why we have made this film.”

She further elaborated, “When we were discussing this film, we had this thing in mind, like we showed the background of a girl is of an upper middle class, educated, from a well-to-do family. It is not that such things happen in those houses where people are uneducated, this happens in educated families as well. It is happening with three women out of five. It is a common crime in the entire world but we don’t consider it as a crime. As man and woman are parties to it, as a man who is doing it and as a woman, who is not letting this come out, thinking it is a personal thing.”

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, ‘Thappad’ also stars Pavail Gulati, Dia Mirza, Ratna Pathak Shah, Tanvi Azmi, Kumud Mishra and Manav Kaul. The film is slated to hit screens on February 28.

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