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Actor Vidya Balan recently took to her Instagram account and penned a heartfelt note on self-acceptance after having an encounter with a fan at an event that made her write a note on it. In the note, Vidya is narrated a story of a fan who clicked a selfie with the star at event. However, the fan came again to Vidya asking for another picture as the previous one was not perfect. The fan chased, begged and even followed Vidya’s car to get a perfect picture with her. Seeing her hustle, the Dirty Picture actor obliged her with picture but this got to her thinking how she likes her left profile more than right profile when it is actually all about accepting oneself.


Penning the note on Instagram, Vidya shares her right as well as left side profile pictures sans makeup to make her point. She even revealed how she used to avoid clicking or shooting from her right profile as she considered it to ugly but after meeting her fan, she realised that she doesn’t care where she is being shot from.

The Mission Mangal actor wrote, “You know ive always preferred my left profile over my right…but overtime as i started on this journey of trying to love & accept myself a little more each day, i realised that liking one profile meant liking one part of me to the exclusion of the other…because the truth is that i not only liked my left but also disliked my right profile.I would tell photographers & cinematographers to avoid shooting me from the right…I would be scared if someone shot me from the right cuz i thought it was my ugly side. It was almost like the fear of being found out.”


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“Today with the growing acceptance and love for every part of me and all of me, i don’t care where i’m being shot from…I’m no longer scared of anyone seeing that side of me..Truth be told, today not only do I like my right profile, i actually love it… and not because my right profile changed but because i realized it’s never going to. What changed is the way i looked at myself and that changed how i see myself,” Vidya Balan continued.

“Hence i returned to the room and took this selfie at the end of a long day sans make up …because i LIKE me just the way i am. Do you like one profile less than the other? If you do and even if you don’t, post that selfie with both your sides in full glory,” Vidya concluded.

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