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Vidya Balan is known for playing really headstrong impactful characters in her movies. From roles in movies like Shakuntala Devi, Dirty Picture, Tumhari Sulu and now Sherni, she is always seen at the head of a change to come. But, there was a time where Vidya Balan was on the verge of breaking and crumbling. She was bombarded with nasty comments, body-shamed and much more. We sat down for a chat with Vidya where she said that there came a time when she was scared to step out of the house. But she eventually worked with a healer to accept herself.

Vidya said that she fought her way through sexism, body shaming and much more discrimination in the industry before she got where she is today. It was not easy, but one day Vidya revealed that she had decided that it was enough and that it is not going to be easy to please everyone and instead she began working on empowering herself and accepting herself.


She told us that she worked with a healer overtime to accept herself and brush off the negative comments that she got about body-shaming, “After a while, I reached the stage where I said I am not going to be able to be perfect. Sometimes I would do the “fashion perfect” thing like the stylist would give me something and say I am looking absolutely bang on. And still, people would say there’s something wrong. I realised it’s difficult to satisfy everyone or get everyone to like you. As long as you like yourself nothing else matters. So I started actually working on being myself. Accepting myself. I have been working with a healer for many years now. And that has really helped. Because acceptance of self gives me purpose in life.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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