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Vinod Bhanushali, one of the topmost people at T-Series, has been slowly and steadily making his mark in the film industry. He has been pushing the brand of T-Series in a way that has seen it achieve immense popularity and global fame. However, he has also been accused of nepotism for promoting his daughter Dhvani Bhanushali. During a recent interaction, Vinod Bhanushali clarifies the doubts and questions over the aforementioned matter.


Have a look at the interview right here:

Talking to Bollywood Bubble, Vinod said, “It’s all about the singer. A singer has to sing well, and that’s the first quality that he/she must have. She (Dhvani) is a pop star, so she has to look and dress like a pop star. When you go on stage, it’s different from while recording, where you can improvise or can use autotune or other things. But when you go on stage in front of 3000-5000 people who’re mostly college-going youngsters, who’re not afraid of anyone, and if you don’t sing well or perform well, you’ll be booed out. The audience doesn’t bother. There is no nepotism or anything there. Just in this year, Jan-Feb, she did 9-10 shows, and if you see clips from them, which are available on social media, you can see that the youth is enjoying her singing and performing. It’s the stage where the actual mettle of an artiste gets shown.

Vinod went on to further clarify what he as a parent can do. He said, “What I can do – give her songs, that’s it right? But those songs need to work also, right? So if the song is good, and if you like that person’s personality, it will work. You’ve to understand that people nowadays have so much option across mediums. They have the remote in their hands. If you’re not good, they’ll switch on to a different channel or swipe on to something else. Otherwise to achieve these high numbers is not a joke.

Further clarifying on nepotism, Vinod said, “I’ve not made a movie with Dhvani. She is not a movie star. She is a pop star and that only and only the audience can make. As an artiste, we can just give a platform, which we give to so many people. So as far as Dhvani is concerned, I disagree on nepotism, I don’t know about the others. She has really worked hard for what she has achieved. She lost 17 kgs for being this pop star. How can I do that for her! I can’t be running on the treadmill or do the diet that she follows or do 2-3 hours of early morning riyaaz. It’s all her hard work and I am very proud of her.

We must say, Vinod really put it well when it came to nepotism allegations against Dhvani.

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