Want to go on a date with Katrina Kaif – Emraan Hashmi

The ‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 4 episode that had Emraan Hashmi and producer Mahesh Bhatt was a refreshing change than the other episodes. Thankfully, the master kisser Emraan Hashmi didn’t bat eyelids while talking about  mastering  kissing on the celluloid. While a lot of actors gave a vibe that screamed vain, Emraan came across as someone who leads a life beyond the movies.

Emraan wasn’t tight-lipped even about his wife and family’s reaction about his bold avatar onscreen.”My family members were in the preview show of Murder. My wife was on my side and my grandma was sitting in the back. She used to ch…ch… on things she disapproved of. And all through the film, all I heard was ch…ch…ch…,”. As the film (Murder) began, my wife dug her nails on my hand, saying what have you done, why didn’t you prepare me for this? She would keep digging her nails. In the end, I had marks on the hand, I was bleeding.”

The best part of the show was the rapid fire round when Emraan answered without thinking twice. When asked what would be the one thing he would take from the following actors, Emraan said-

Abhishek Bachchan: His wife!

Ranbir Kapoor: His girlfriends!

Saif Ali Khan: His wife!

Shah Rukh Khan: His house!

Asked what was the one idea that changed his life, Emraan said it was “Kiss on the screen.”
On which woman he wanted to take out on a romantic date, Emraan said it was Katrina Kaif. Asked what one would find if one walked into the bedrooms of these people, Emraan said –

Saif Ali Khan: Kareena, I hope!

Salman Khan: Jeans, boots and belt!

Asked which actress he would want to do an intimate scene with, Emraan said “Deepika”.

So well done Emraan for not being diplomatic like your colleagues.