John Abraham and Sylvestor Stallone

Have you ever wondered which Bollywood star can be cast as Rocky Balboa, if Rocky is made in India. Well its none other than our John Abraham, and it is none other than the original Rocky aka Sylvester Stallone who has confirmed it. Looks like Sly has not only seen John in his movie but also feels that he can play his role with ease.


As per sources,“When media persons asked Sylvester for his comment in Beverly Hills recently, the star apparently said he was flattered that Bollywood was planning to get inspired from his yesteryear flick. Apparently while complimenting John on his work, Sly said he thought John had an even better built than the star himself. His exact words were, Actually, he’s built better than I ever was.”

John was truly enthralled to hear this compliment, he said “I’m overwhelmed and it’s a privilege to be encouraged by none other than Stallone, who has always been my hero. His Rocky 4 is the reason why I got into films.”

Truly John Is the Indian Rocky Balboa .