Yami Gautam – the latest joke fad on Twitter

The Twitteratis after cracking jokes on Sanskari Alok Nath and Neil Nitin Mukesh have caught another unsuspecting victim actress Yami Gautam. Yami who was seen endorsing the Fairness cream is now bearing the burden of her promotion. The endorsement has got her at the receiving end of countless ‘fairness’ jokes.


Here are some of the Tweets about Yami –

Anurag sharma @Iemhoezzayfan

We have #YamiGautam Blood cells In us.
The CA-n Of Worms @CAABTRI

Yami Gautam fasts during Navratri by not using Fair & Lovely for 9 days.

Pankaj @pankajcgupta

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Michael Jackson releases a new single, “Black or Yami Gautam” 😛
thArki ProFessor @ImRakeshChauhan

Next version of Fair & Lovely ad will show Yami Gautam becoming polar bear.”

Anurag sharma @Iemhoezzayfan

Now ‘LIGHT YEAR’ is also know As Yami years #YamiGautam

RajKumarMahato @rajspcl4u

why Thomas Alva Edison invented bulb?? we already have Yami Gautam !!

Akshay @_AkshayDubey

Next version of Fair & Lovely ad will show #YamiGautam becoming polar bear….

Seems like the twitteratis are showing no sign of slowing down.