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All for love: When Sharmila Tagore removed her bikini posters from the streets of Mumbai

Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore‘s love story and marriage to late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi had broken many stereotypes of the time. Even after their marriage, many believed that it would not last long. But, Mansoor and Sharmila’s love, respect and understanding for each other grew stronger and they remained united till death separated them. After 42 years of togetherness, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi passed away in year 2011. However, today we have found out an interesting leaf from the pages of their fairytale love story when this lovely couple was dating each other.

It was in the year 1967, Sharmila Tagore was in the news for her then to be released film ‘An Evening In Paris’. This film directed by Shakti Samanta and starring Shammi Kapoor witnessed Sharmila donning a bikini which was a bold thing for an actress to do during that era. Her bikini posters were put up on the streets of Mumbai. But, during this time Sharmila got the news that Mansoor’s mother Sajida Sultan was coming to Mumbai and wanted to meet her. This news worried the actress. (Also Check: 24 years of Saif Ali Khan: Movies that proved his versatility as an actor)

Sharmila had belonged to a progressive and literate Bengali family of Tagore’s, while Mansoor, a nawab, had royal lineage, and though he himself belonged to a literate family, the lineage meant certain conservatism, given he was a Muslim royal of the times. Reportedly, this was one of the greatest reasons for their families being reluctant to their match.

It was because of this reason that when Sharmila came to know about the visit of Sajida Sultan, she was worried about the repercussions, if latter were to see those. The actress was worried that Mansoor’s mother would be upset and would never agree to Sharmila and Mansoor’s match, if she even got a glimpse of those bikini posters, that were setting the whole city on fire.

Mansoor, the then Nawab Pataudi, knew about these posters, but he had no qualms about the same as he respected Sharmila’s professionalism and her career. Further, he never believed in interfering. Even then, Sharmila was in no mood to take any risk, as far as her relationship with Tiger Pataudi was concerned. She immediately spoke to the producer of the film, and got all the bikini posters removed from the streets of Mumbai.

We can just say that the actress went on at lengths to save her relationship. Love, truly makes you do anything and everything, but all is worth at the end of it. After looking at the beautiful life these two amazing individuals led together, we can certainly say that.

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