Did you know? Sridevi shot for a comedy scene in ‘Lamhe’, right after her father’s death

There are many Bollywood stars who are known for their sheer dedication when it comes to their work. The reigning Queen of 90’s, actress Sridevi can be surely counted as one of them. She was the queen of 90’s, and Late Yash Chopra’s ‘Lamhe’ can surely be touted as one of her best performances. Sridevi played the role of a mother, and later on a daughter in this epic romance. However, not many are aware that the actress went through a deep personal loss during the shoot of this film. Her father Ayyapan Yanger had passed away.

Late Yash Chopra had completed almost 90% of the shoot in London when this tragedy happened. As this sad news broke, Sridevi had to immediately leave for Madras. Owing to the final rituals and ceremonies, Yash Chopra spoke with Sridevi where she promised him that she would return (as there were very few scenes left to shoot) and resume after sixteen days. (Also Read: Two Pakistani actors granted visa to join the cast of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s ‘Mom’)

And as Sridevi returned to London, she had to shoot a comedy scene first with veteran actress Waheeda Rehman. In one of his early interviews, director Yash Chopra had also applauded the actress as a wonderful artist and a thorough professional where he said that as an artist Sridevi had contributed a lot to make that scene absolutely perfect, hiding that personal grief.

The fans who have seen ‘Lamhe’ would acknowledge that indeed that scene was hilarious and there was no inkling of grief on Sridevi’s face, such was her professionalism and such was her dedication.