Pooja Bhatt on Soni Razdan: I used to hate her for snatching away dad from us

Image Source - Instagram

Pooja Bhatt is a woman of strong opinions and she is known to not hold back when she wants to speak her mind out. She is really close to her father Mahesh Bhatt who has ruled Bollywood with his great movies. She had earlier spoken about how she has accepted her extended family and has no grudges against Soni Razdan (Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife).

In an old interview with Stardust Magazine, she spoke about her feelings that she had initially for Soni Razdan. She said, “Initially, I did resent my dad for leaving my mother for another woman. I also used to hate Soni for snatching away dad from us. In fact, there used to be times when I used to flare-up at the very mention of her name. It was my mother who made me understand and think practically. She would tell me not to resent or hate my father for anything for basically he is a good man at heart.”

Pooja said initially Soni Razdan and she were complete strangers and she was her enemy. But she believes that time heals all wounds. They began by saying hi, hello and then onto making small talk. It took off from there and now they are good friends. Her mom too had started speaking to Soni. Now they all get along well. Pooja also said that she is very close to Mahesh Bhatt giving the example that he came to her before anyone else to tell her about Soni Razdan.

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