RIP Dilip Kumar: Throwback to when Zayn Malik shared an old picture of Dilip Kumar with his Abu Yaser

Image Source - Instagram

Dilip Kumar has left a huge void in Indian Cinema as he passed away today. The late actor was known as the tragedy king of Bollywood. Dilip Kumar had an army of fans who absolutely loved and adored him. One of them was Pillow Talk hitmaker Zayn Malik’s father Yaser. Zayn Malik had once shared a sweet moment on his Instagram that had made his fans go gaga over his Indian connect.

Zayn had taken to his Instagram and shared a picture in which was seen his father Yaser meeting Dilip Kumar. The actor was in a suit and so was Zayn’s father as they shook hands stood for the picture. Sharing the picture on his Instagram, Zayn wrote, “Abu with Dilip Kumar(sic)”

Check out the picture below:

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Image Source - Instagram

Dilip Kumar had quite the fan following in Hollywood as well. He was to make his Hollywood debut with the oscar-winning movie Lawrence of Arabia, but Kumar turned down the offer as he believed that he did not need Hollywood to prove himself, he said in an interview with Times Of India, “I took a decision, which was appropriate at that time. In all humility, I would like to say that I judged the offer with the same parameters as all the offers that came to me at that time, I felt I did not have to go to Hollywood to prove or satisfy myself.”

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