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When Aamir shaved off his head, sad over losing his love…

It’s been over 29 years since superstar Aamir Khan’s dream debut film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ released, that made him a sensation overnight. The actor’s portrayal of a teenage lover landed him straight into the hearts of millions of female fans who were ultimately going gaga over his innocent smile and charming personality.

Post the release of this film, Aamir became the most eligible bachelor at that point of time until everyone got to know that he was already married to Reena Dutta, who was also seen playing a small part in the same film. It may sound amusing, but Aamir who had become the lover boy every girl dreamt about (after ‘QSQT’ release) was rejected not once, but thrice during his teenage years. And perhaps his sadness (at that time) could be felt which eventually lead him to shave off his head!

Recently, we stumbled upon an old interview of the superstar where he spoke to host Karan Thapar, in his show ‘Face to Face’. When he was asked whether in his teenage, he frequently fell in love, being quite a romantic at heart. He replied saying, “I did fall in love few times, but unfortunately each time I, you know, confessed my love to the girl… which took me hell of a lot of time because I used to get really scared to confess, you know… what I’m feeling; but when I did finally do that I was rejected… you know… I was rejected thrice, so I didn’t have like four girlfriends. I just fell in love four times but was unsuccessful each time.” (Also Read: What made Aamir Khan say no to award functions?)

Further, Karan asked him if it was true that at one such rejection, he even shaved off his head. Initially, Aamir smiled and replied saying, “No that was not! (smiled again) Oh Christ! Where did you get all this? No that wasn’t because of a rejection, that was more… I mean I lost the girl I loved and I mean she decided she no longer liked me. So, I was really upset and I was like… went and shaved my head off. Quite a dumb thing to do, but anyway.” Aamir was about 17-18 at that time.

How many of you connect with the sentiments Aamir went through?

Check out the full interview of Aamir Khan below:

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