When little Saif Ali Khan bit a villain to protect his uncle Shashi Kapoor

It’s been a few days since the sad demise of veteran actor-filmmaker Shashi Kapoor. Undoubtedly his absence has left a void that can never be filled. But, he will live on forever in everyone’s hearts through his films and his legacy of Prithvi Theatre. After his demise, many of the actor’s leading ladies recalled some old cherished memories with him from the sets. Among them, his co-star and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore too went on to share an interesting incident, which involves her son-actor Saif Ali Khan, from the time he was just two-year-old.

It so happened, Saif had accompanied his mother on the outdoor shoot of her film ‘Paap Aur Punya’ (1974). Shashi Kapoor was the hero of the film and it was one of the days which witnessed little Saif trying to protect his favourite uncle Shashi on the sets. Just thinking that his Shashi uncle was in huge danger, little Saif crawled up and bit a villain on the leg who was attacking the actor during shooting a scene. Yes! You read that right.

Recently, while giving an interview to an agency, Sharmila recalled this incident. She said, “I remember we were shooting ‘Paap Aur Punya’ in Rajasthan. Shashi’s children and my son Saif were all there. Saif, who was very small, became very fond of his Shashi uncle. In a sequence where Shashi was being hung by a noose by the villain, Saif, unknown to the camera and crew, toddled up to the villain and bit him for hurting his favourite Shashi uncle.”

Well, looks like Shashi uncle was really special for little Saif, who could not bear anyone harming him. Hence, the funny yet defensive action. Later, Saif became a part of Shashi Kapoor’s family after marrying actress Kareena Kapoor, the actor’s elder brother Raj Kapoor’s granddaughter.