When Sanjay Dutt walked with 1 kilo heroin in his shoes…

Sanjay Dutt‘s history is known to all. The man was once a victim of drug abuse and then what is followed is a history. His life has been a roller coaster ride, but with majority of lows. His good Bollywood career came crumbling down when his name got associated with the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts. But, leaving everything behind, he has turned in to a completely new soul who values life like never before. But this does not mean that his horrifying past would get erased from his memories. At a recent event, Sanjay opened up about one instance from the past that still makes him shiver from fear, an instance involving drugs.

He recalls,

I was already on drugs when my mother (Nargis Dutt) was being treated for cancer. ‘Rocky’ was being made and I remember that I was so addicted that once I traveled with a kilo heroin hidden in my shoes. My two sisters were also with me on the same flight. At that time, checking at airports was not so strict. Today, when I think about the incident, I get scared. Main pakda jaata toh theek tha, but what about my sisters? Drugs do this to you. You don’t care about family or anything else.

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No denial that drugs makes you do things that you wouldn’t have ever imagined doing, but fighting to overcome this habit is the real pain. Despite many setbacks, Sanjay Dutt managed to do so and he sure makes a good example for all those battling drug.