When Shah Rukh Khan confessed to getting depressed because of comparisons with Hrithik Roshan

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India is one country where film actors experience a kind of stardom that is unmatched in any other part of the world. Artists are worshipped here as Gods and over the years, the Hindi film industry has seen the rise of several superstars. One of the biggest of them all has to be Shah Rukh Khan and although, in today’s time it seems impossible for anyone to achieve that kind of status in the country, the last person that came close to it has to be Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan made his entry into Hindi cinema in the year 2000 with Kaho Naa Pyar Hai and became an instant superstar in the country, at the same time when Shah Rukh Khan was going through a tough phase in his career. And even though today they are both bonafide legends of the craft, there was a time when the two were pitted against each other, and those comparisons got the best of SRK.

Since the two actors were being pitted against each other, SRK took a dig at Hrithik in one of his ads. There was a commercial where SRK is seen playing spin the bottle with a group of friends at abowling alley, that included the girl he has a crush on and a Hrithik lookalike, who had braces and was seen in Hrithik’s look from Ek pal ka jeena. In the ad, the girl is supposed to kiss the guy at whom the bottle will stop and when it stops on Hrithik’s lookalike, everyone laughs it off, including the girl.

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In a throwback video from an old interview with NDTV, Shah Rukh is seen remembering the time of his career when things weren’t going well. He shared, “Really the most depressing, depressing moment of my film career. Hrithik Roshan’s film had come and Duggu is a friend. All these comparisons started and I got very depressed. Everyone said that I am finished and over. India Today made an article, supposedly at that time one of the more important and serious magazine, they wrote that I am finished as an actor, my company is finished and my movie career is over, and I was really depressed. I hurt my knee, I was in surgery. Whatever I touched after that, even though it was a hit, people didn’t think of me, as I had Josh, Mohabbatein. So, it was very depressing phase of my life.”

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Adding to that, he also spoke about his tiff with Hrithik and the Roshans and how he regretted it. “And then it also became really embarrassing, sad and as I think of it today, it was not a nice phase because a family like Rakesh Roshan’s, which is so close to me and just so gracious and loving to me and till date they are, I am so glad its over now. You know people started creating issues between us and we also succumbed to it, or at least I succumbed to it. I think Rakesh ji is too great a person to succumb to it.”


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Shah Rukh and Hrithik appeared together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham later and the film emerged a big commercial success. The two had been friends since then. The War actor even supported Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan last year when he was involved in an alleged drug case by the NCB. No matter what all happened in the past, at the end of the day, all’s well that ends well, and the picture of the two actors along with Salman Khan from Karan Johar‘s birthday party just showed how strong this friendship has been going since.

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